The Paris Klezmer Band began with Guillaume Dettmar-Vital, nicknamed Eli.

His idea was to use his compositions to create a modern-day style of klezmer music, taking inspiration from the melodies and songs of his cultural heritage: Yiddish songs and klezmer music.

To create this new fusion, Eli brought together a multicultural team: nine friends and musicians from backgrounds including jazz, rock, classical, variety, improv and traditional music from eastern Europe and Brazil. Together they have turned klezmer music on its head.

Using both traditional and modern compositions, the Paris Klezmer Band creates a musical world without frontiers, an album that is a continuous flow of sound, where the musical styles you recognise are reworked and mixed together in a melting pot that is at once modern and familiar to all.

Klezmer fanfares and Yiddish chants collide with reggae, funk and jazz rhythms; French chansons flow alongside traditional melodies, while gypsy and improv tunes vie with each other in an explosive cocktail of creativity and Brazilian percussion beats gently invite you into a traditional Patsh Tants dance with a modern twist!

Eli’s rich, expressive voice combines emotion and energy, nostalgia and joie de vivre, and lends itself perfectly to depicting humorous stories from everyday life in the Yiddish of his father. An instrument in its own right, his voice joins the clarinet, violin, guitar, cimbalom and accordion on nostalgic, lyrical chants as well as upbeat festive dances filled with joy.

Eli and his Paris Klezmer Band are part of the revival of klezmer music, offering the traditional repertoire a unique musical purpose, a hymn to life resolutely aimed at their contemporaries.